Bus Hire Northern Beaches

For your next bus hire on the northern beaches, Beachside now have a wide range of buses available, from small 14 seaters all the way up to ex-government buses (known as “guvvies”) that can seat 43, with room for an additional 27 standing passengers if necessary.

Guvvies are a popular choice for the budget-conscious, or those who don’t require seat-belts or air-conditioning, who need to move a large number of people (or just like a lot of space). The fact that these buses don’t have seat belts is actually what makes them attractive to a lot of customers, as they can relax a bit more and move around in transit, unlike belted vehicles where it’s illegal.

These are ex-government passenger buses from the 1980’s that we have acquired in order to service our regular school sport customers during the week, but we use them for weekend work as well. These are a popular choice for wedding parties and the like, due to their ability to legally carry 43 seated passengers and a further 27 standing.

Photo of a bus hire northern beaches ex-guvvy bus.

We regularly use these buses for music concerts, where we might transfer 1000 – 2000 people using 20 or more buses. It’s simply a fun, efficient and budget-friendly way to move a large number of people.

Please note that these old workhorses are not air-conditioned, but they do have opening windows and roof hatches that allow the air to flow freely through the bus. These are great to travel in on those nice summer nights.

While we cover the whole of Sydney, we are based on the northern beaches, so if you’re up here and thinking of doing a transfer of some type, please give us a call and we can give you a competitive quote. In fact, call us last and see if we can match your best price!

All the best from Beachside Shuttle and Coaches,

Bus Hire Northern Beaches, Sydney.

Coach Charters Northern Beaches

Our coach charters can be done in any of our variously-configured vehicles, from 27 seat coaches up to 57 seaters. Besides our coaches, we also have many buses for hire that you may like to look at whilst on our website.

We have old coaches and new coaches. We have 27-seat small-sized coaches, 39-seat medium-sized coaches and we also have full-size, 57-seat coaches.

All coaches are air-conditioned and have seat belts.

From 39-seaters and up, there is also large underneath storage areas for luggage or whatever you wish to take on your trip. We can also supply a lockable, weatherproof trailer for additional storage if required. This is often used for sports teams and so on.

27 Seat Small Coach

Photo of a 27-seat small coach used in our coach charters northern beaches.

39 Seat Medium Coach

57 Seat Large Coach

Photo of a 57-seat coach used in our coach charters northern beaches.

Photo of a 57-seat, full-sized coach used in our coach charters northern beaches.